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Where Acorns Fall

  1. The Pink Reindeer

    07/04/14 12:25:10 | 0 Comments

    I finished the stitching on my 3 year old grand's Pink Reindeer. She wants everything she can get in pink and the pinker the better. I can tell you I hate with a passion the fluorescent floss I used on this (it's worse than any metallic ever, shreads and won't lay right in the worst way) but she loves it so you know, it's what a good Mimi will do. Here he is in all his glory.

  2. Feelin good, feelin real good.

    02/27/14 23:28:22 | 0 Comments

    I finished framing 6th Day of Christmas today. It will be beautiful on the tree. I’ve started 7th Day but won’t try to finish it before next February. Of course, if it should happen to get finished without much effort, that will be just fine and dandy. I’m only stitching on it 15 minutes a day so that’s about as little effort as you can get.
    I wish the navy fabric I ordered was here so I could start stitching the hot pink Rudolph for Cammie. I need to get with the quilting ladies and have them give me suggestions on how to quilt Colbie’s baby quilt. I don’t want to hand quilt it because the design is painted on the fabric and that...
  3. A Finish!

    02/13/14 01:15:10 | 0 Comments

    I put the last stitches in Teresa Wentzler’s 6th Day of Christmas today. Love the February start and finish on doing this set.I'll be starting 7th Day tonight or tomorrow but I’ll be going really slow since I have a whole year to finish it.
    I’m enjoying stitching on several new projects and rotating them. Hope I can finish them all this year.
  4. January 2014

    01/26/14 18:12:53 | 0 Comments

    imageI finished the Fishing Buddies Stocking for my son-in-law in time for him to hang it up on the mantle for Christmas. Yay  I don't think I will ever reverse a pattern again! I never realized it would be so hard to read the symbols when they are turned backwards.
    I'm now working on 6th...
  5. Finished with 5th Day!

    03/03/13 16:48:28 | 0 Comments

    5th Day of Christmas is finally finished. I won’t be putting it into a frame until later this year but it feels great to have the stitching done. It was finished in February so I could get a start on this year's 6th Day. If anyone would like to join in on the stitch-a-long, it is here. You only have to stitch one each year. Thumbsup
  6. January Progress Report

    02/01/13 17:28:54 | 0 Comments

    Time to report on my progress for January. I made good progress on two projects and very little on the third. I would be absolutely thrilled to finish all three in February. Too much to ask? Well, it depends on what life throws at me.   Maybe this will be the last time we have to see them unfinished. I apologize for the lack of quality in these pictures. I need a new camera in the most desperate way.
    Here they are compared to December 31.
    Fishing Buddies

  7. The Beginning of the Road

    01/10/13 16:38:08 | 0 Comments

    I figured I needed to post some pics of where I am so when I post again next month, it will show what progress I’ve made. So here they are. The stocking that has given me fits. One of the main problems is that I’ve reversed the pattern and it is just so darn hard to follow. image Next up is 5th Day of Christmas. Just want to finish this by sometime in February so I can begin  6th...
  8. 2013 Here We Go!

    01/06/13 18:20:20 | 0 Comments

    I'm definitely hoping for a better 2013 than 2012 was. It does seem that most of the turmoil has settled down. Notice I said most...not all. Do we ever get to a time in our lives that are truly peaceful? I sure hope so! And health problems--between family and friends having serious to life threatening health issues, I'm praying for 2013 to be a very healthy year for everyone. So enough about that.

    Stitching definitely took a direct hit. I did manage to finish Christmas ornaments for the grands in 2012. See?
    image image
    I love both of them. The...
  9. November

    11/01/12 19:17:34 | 0 Comments

    Here it is November 1st and I haven’t posted since August?  How did that happen?  I’ve completely fallen off the WIPocalypse wagon. I think it was the month that had two full moons that did me in. August and September were wastelands in the stitching department. Sooooo, what to do? I have to finish the baby quilt for my granddaughter. I have also promised my son-in-law his Christmas stocking this year that didn’t get finished last year. Then I have two Christmas ornaments to do. So, if I work really hard, I can do it. October was a good month for stitching. I got in 46 hours and 44 minutes. So let’s hope November will be as good. I’m not even going to try getting back into the WIPocalypse. Good luck to all who are still in and finishing off those WIPs. My focus will be the stocking and ornaments first and then...
  10. Exchange Project

    08/12/12 00:49:32 | 0 Comments

    I can post a picture of my Exchange Project now that my recipient has received it.
    I was in a hurry to get a picture and didn't get a good one. It was also taken before I worked out most of those puckers around the edge. It was stitched on 40 count cream linen using Gloriana Cranberry silk. It was fun to stitch. I love these letters so you will probably be seeing more projects with them.
  11. August ~ (sigh)

    08/07/12 22:01:27 | 0 Comments

    July was not a good month for stitching. Instead, I’ve been traveling the rounds of building supply companies, stone yards, paint stores, etc. Am I ready to be done with the remodeling project? Oh yeah! (Somebody remind me to put up before and after pics next month so you can see what has been driving me nuts.) Adding to those distractions was a bad burn from a hot glue gun and it all took its toll. So I can only hope for a better August. I certainly didn’t meet my stitching goal of averaging two hours a day. I didn’t even get in one hour a day. My grand total was 18 hours and 20 minutes. Now that’s just pitiful. The only good stitching related thing for the month was finishing my piece for the exchange for the Rotation Stitchers Board. I’m so glad I didn’t procrastinate on that one. It was my first exchange, and it would have been...
  12. July - Here Already?

    07/04/12 19:07:52 | 0 Comments

    Why does time seem to be passing so fast? Is that an age thing? The older we get, the faster time goes? I don't know, but I wish I could slow it down some.

    I wanted to finish something in June. Instead, I started a new project. I can't say what it is or show a picture because it's for an exchange. So I have to keep it secret until later on. That makes 3 new ones and my rotation is growing a bit large. I've set a goal to stitch for 2 hours a day this month. For some, that would be small potatoes. For me, it's a BIG deal.

    So let's see what progress I made.
    First, the Christmas ornaments.
    Donald is coming along nicely. He is going into a green round plastic frame because that's what my grandson ordered. He said he would really like it if it was in that frame and if it wasn't, then not so much. This from a 3 year old! Ha He picked out the pattern and now has changed his mind. Now he wants Mickey....
  13. June Progress

    06/05/12 16:14:16 | 0 Comments

    I started two new Christmas ornaments for the grandkids this month. The grandson picked out Donald Duck for his and I'm doing a beautiful scrolled "C" for the granddaughter.
    image image

    And here is my WIPocalypse...
  14. WIPocalypse ~ May

    05/09/12 02:05:15 | 2 Comments

    Tags [edit]: None 5th Day of Christmas - Finished with the inside design but now have to backstitch.
  15. WIPocalypse ~ April

    04/06/12 15:39:51 | 0 Comments

    I finished my Methodist Church. This is the sweet little church of my youth and where I got married. It really brought back a lot of memories stitching this one. A local artist charted eight historical buildings in the town and my sister asked me to do them for her. Well, that was way back in 1998. I've finished 4 and have 4 to go.

    I stitched for 31 hours in March so didn't make lots of progress. I'm going to have to discipline myself to work on the Fishing Buddies stocking. It's just not much fun. 5th Day of Christmas has turned out to be much more enjoyable than I had thought, but there will be a whole lot of back stitching to do soon.

    I'm trying to decide what to add to my rotation in place of the church. I need to decide what Christmas ornaments to make for the grands and start one of those maybe?

    Read More
  16. WIPocalypse ~ March

    03/07/12 17:39:06 | 0 Comments

    Fishing Buddies Stocking
       image image
    Bent Creek Winter Row
  17. WIPocalypse ~ February

    02/07/12 18:04:18 | 0 Comments

    February WIPocalypse time! I'm happy with my progress. You can take a look at how my projects have come along from one full moon to another.

    I had two finishes in January. Yea!!

    4th Day of Christmas - Finished!!!
  18. Good Beginnings

    02/01/12 16:01:54 | 0 Comments

    January has been a good month. I stitched for 47 hours and 38 minutes and finished two projects. I have made good progress on the other projects in my rotation, and I'll start on 5th Day of Christmas in February. 
    Here's 4th Day of Christmas, ready to frame. It was stitched over 1 except for the gold borders which are over 2. The fabric is 28 count Antique White Cashel linen.image
  19. WIPocalypse ~ January

    01/09/12 14:25:42 | 3 Comments

    I was so excited to make my 1st WIPocalypse report I got up early. Then my camera wouldn't work. So, had to take pics with my iPhone. I think they came out pretty good. Shows I'm making a bit 'o progress.
    4th Day of Christmas
    Fishing Buddies Stocking
  20. 2012 Goals

    01/04/12 13:01:29 | 0 Comments

    I've posted this elsewhere but want to put it here for my own benefit.

    My goals for 2012 are to:
    1) Average stitching for at least 1 hour each day.
    2) Participate in the WIPocalypse each month.
    3) Finish 4th Day of Christmas
    4) Finish Fishing Buddies stocking
    5) Finish Beatrix Potter baby quilt.
    6) Enjoy my rotation as much this year as I did last year.

    The main thing is to enjoy stitching. I really did enjoy planning and stitching and tweaking my plan and making it work for me. I met my goals 9 of 12 months and I'm really happy about that. I could have met them 12 of 12 but I wouldn't have enjoyed it and I would have let perfectionism win. I struggle with that and count it a victory when I allow myself to say, "It's good enough." It took me a long time to realize that being a perfectionist is not a good thing. It is actually paralyzing. So, I will continue that...